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  • insight into the need for a systematic exercise doctrine and methodology

  • the rationale for a comprehensive exercise program 

  • a look at exercise design and conduct considerations, as well as pitfalls

  • a tried and true eight-step exercise planning process

  • best practices for exercise control and simulation 

  • the reasoning and best practices for implementing a systematic exercise evaluation process and 

  • a compendium of exercise job aids to assist exercise practitioners as they navigate the different, yet interconnected, phases of an exercise 

Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time and without warning. While emergencies are often limited in scope and intensity, they can also be catastrophic in nature with far-reaching impacts on a national and international level.

Exercises represent a key element of preparedness that communities and organizations should adopt to ensure they are prepared to respond to the litany of threats they face. Exercises have been a foundational component of emergency management for decades, yet many agencies and organizations lack the level of exercise planning expertise necessary to implement a comprehensive exercise program. By marrying decades of real-world response and exercise planning experience, Price and Hicks, both Master Exercise Practitioners, offer an in-depth and unique perspective on exercise design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. As such, this textbook takes a holistic approach to the exercise planning process by providing: 


Designed for use both in the classroom and in the field by exercise planning practitioners, this textbook offers an unparalleled and unique structure to assist with the exercise design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning processes. This book is an absolute must-have resource for homeland security, emergency/disaster management, crisis management, and public administration curriculums in higher education, as well as for exercise planning teams and practitioners. 

Emergency and Disaster Exercises:
A Practitioner's Guide to Exercise Design and Development, Conduct, Evaluation, and Improvement Planning 

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