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Personality Clashes - The Efficiency Killer

Because we are all unique and we approach things differently, we are occasionally going to disagree with those around us. While just walking away or going for a drive is an easy at-home solution, personality clashes at work are a little more difficult to maneuver through. In our professional lives, most of us will have to deal with people we just don’t like or can’t seem to get along with. Too much of this sort of thing can completely derail a project and even cause additional issues at work.

One of the biggest conflicts we will experience at work is often nothing more than a personality clash. These are often connected to basic background differences such as gender, ethnicity, religious and even political views. We do not all look at the world through the same lenses. This means that everyone views situations from a different perspective. Our perception is in large part determined by our personal experiences and beliefs. These differences in perspective have a major impact on how we relate with others.

We need to understand that each of us approaches life with a set of lenses that have a specific prescription based on a created worldview. Recognizing this may allow us to better understand others and what makes them tick.

Personality conflicts can be one of the biggest challenges in the workplace. You are not going to get along with everyone all the time, but there are times when things must get done and we need to work through these issues. Do not let personality clashes destroy your work.

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