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Catalog Your Personal Goals – I Promise it Will Help

The company or organization you work for has its own goals for you, but you should have your own goals as well. While the two lists might seem to overlap some, there is a clear split in that no one will ever be as focused on your goals as you.

Due to this, I would encourage you to not just have goals, but write down your goals, short-term and long. This way you can refer back to them throughout the year. Writing your goals down gives them a weight that they would not have otherwise. Some experts may even tell you to refer to them weekly or even daily, but monthly will probably work.

A continuous review of your goals and aspirations helps keep them separate from your employer’s and in the forefront of your mind. Make a list of what you want to accomplish and do not stop until you’ve checked everything off. If you do this, the results you seek will soon follow.

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