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Team Building - Power Issues & Personal Agendas

The life of an emergency manager often requires working with others. Despite what we might think, our profession is a team sport, and when we partner with others, we get so much more done. What happens when these teams experience problems do to power issues or unrealistic personal agendas?

Conflict that involves power issues, or strong personal agendas must be dealt with prior to accomplishing most tasks. Successful teams are made up of individuals who are working on something that feels important to them. Unfortunately, this also draws in the expert who cannot seem to share responsibility and the individual attempting to carry out their agenda.

Regardless of whether a team member is dealing with a power trip or has some personal agenda they are trying to enact, the good news is that in my experience, often if the issues are addressed in a calm and respectful way, the team can usually make giant leaps towards the goal. Most people do not want to be a problem and will work hard to support the team. It is never easy, but without this problem being recognized, the team is ineffective and destined for defeat.

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