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Look for The Edge

No matter what sort of emergency management work you do, or whom you work for, I guarantee that you’re probably juggling demands from a large group of people vying for your attention. The non-stop rollercoaster of fun we all know as emergency management can lead to some possibly important things getting overlooked. While some missed tasks may not matter much, others can make a huge impact.

Despite your very full dance card, you need to make sure that you are identifying the edge that exists. You’re unlikely to have extraordinary results without extraordinary efforts. You need to do a lot more than what is expected of you, despite the seemingly constant pull in a multitude of directions. You should always try to find an advantage: something others in your industry are not doing yet.

Whether you are designing a new emergency plan, building partnerships, or identifying some niche market that only you can solve, there’s always some advantage you can discover if you look hard enough.

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