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Stories Still Matter

The best lessons from childhood fables still matter today. That’s the beauty of fables – the stories are simple, but the lessons are timeless, transcending the era in which they were first told. I can remember hearing Aesop’s fables told by my father as a little boy. I am pretty sure that he added a little to them, but that’s OK. The lessons still came through loud and clear.

Storytelling is often the best way for managers to communicate with those they are leading. Why? Stories, and specifically fables are innately well adapted to handle the seemingly intractable challenges we face as emergency managers. Stories allow us to spur change, communicate an identity, convey values, and ultimately create high-performance teams.

We need to revisit the fables of our youths and gather up the lessons for our work today. I promise you that you will not be disappointed, and you will find answers to many of the puzzles you encounter.

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