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You Need to Be Confident

How important is confidence in our work as emergency managers? I believe that it might be one of the most important, while at the same time misunderstood traits in the field. Our work places us in situations that are often stressful and dangerous. When the going gets tough, people need a confidant and professional individual calling the shots.

It’s no secret that individuals like to follow a skilled leader who knows what they are doing. The real trouble is, being confidant without coming off as arrogant. What are the best ways to accomplish this?

  • Make sure that you make good eye contact. There is nothing more important than eye contact when it comes to showing confidence. It will be extremely noticeable if you are staring down or to the side when you talk, and this can derail you.

  • Once you have gotten eye contact down, it is time to think about how you hold yourself. You want to stand and sit in open positions – arms by your sides, not crossed.

  • Think about the handshake. Nothing is worse than a limp one. It shows a lack of experience and a lack of confidence. Be firm but not too firm.

  • Finally, try to talk slowly. Do not rush it. Someone who is confident takes his or her time. Once you blurt something out, you cannot get it back. Never be afraid to pause.

Confidence is vital and you need to possess it to be successful. People will not truly follow the guidance of a weak leader. Approach each day with the steps above in mind and you will be a successful leader.

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