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Work Your Job, Enjoy Your Life!

I know most of us work pretty hard, but remember why you are putting in those long hours. Hard work only pays off when you take the time to enjoy your success. If you put in the extra hours in order to move to the next level professionally, but miss out on a little league game, is it really worth it?

There have been times during my career when I wished I had stopped for a moment to smell the roses and appreciate what I was doing. While constantly focusing on bettering my resume, I should have enjoyed the ride more. I might have realized I was pushing myself to the point of completely burning out.

I decided to stop reaching for the next brass ring; I am much happier now just sitting on my front porch with my wife. When you find yourself in a good spot in your career, stop and take a breath. Don’t be too busy to enjoy your labors, it’s a waste. Work hard, but find ways to savor the moment.

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