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Coworkers Make the Biggest Difference in Your Career

When you are looking for a strategy for success in the workplace, you don’t have to go any further than your peers and managers. Arguably, your coworkers will ultimately make the biggest impact on your career.

I have worked places where there was little concern of my passions or plans. I think that I could have been a much better employee if it had. They plugged me into trainings and courses that didn’t really help them or me. At the end of the day, my time there was short and while it wasn’t clear then, I think I was looking for a place that wanted to better themselves by genuinely investing in their people.

I have also worked in organizations where I have been asked directly about my plans or what I wanted to accomplish while working there. I spent a lot of time with these organizations. When I mentioned that I wanted to eventually be in leadership to my boss, they began to help guide me towards this. They did not try to put me into a training or course that would be a waste of time. To this day, I credit these individuals with helping me get started on this very long path towards where I am today.

The opportunities and achievements we experience alongside our coworkers and our bosses help form us. Keep in mind though that these relationships go both ways, and you are responsible to do your part. Work hard and show people you have what it takes to succeed, and they can be your biggest cheerleaders.

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