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Making a Move May Be Worth the Risk

There is nothing wrong with moving around a little. The days of the one job from age 18 – 65 are over. During a recent interview, a LinkedIn executive made the offhand comment that people will change careers 15 times over their lifetimes.[1] I think that most people entering the job market are leaving one job for another because they are looking for a fit for their career growth. When the opportunity arises, you have to take it. I am not saying that you should job-hop, but build yourself as you move.

I’ve moved around a lot in my life. I think at last count, I was at around 36 different mailing addresses in my life and while not quite that many jobs, I have had a few. When I was really young, it was with my parents, and the rest was of my own doing as an adult. My journey started in a small town in central Ohio and took me to half a dozen states and a foreign country half way around the world. I am writing this article from my home back in the Midwest, not 5 miles from where I grew up. Despite all these moves, making each of them was well worth the risk.

I have heard it said that sometimes, the best opportunity isn’t where you’re located right now, but where you ultimately end up. While it was difficult to see this in the midst of the journey, hindsight’s are 20/20 and it is clear as day now. I only moved twice with my parents, so at least 34 of my moves were my decision. I saw every move as a chance for a new adventure or challenge. Not every move or every job worked out like I had planned. Some worked out better than others, I think because I approached them with the right mindset.

Whenever you consider a move, do it knowing that it will allow you growth beyond your wildest dreams. If you approach it this way, I promise you that there will be something for you to learn. Each of my moves taught me something that I am still using. I ended up learning more than I would have ever imagined.


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