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Don’t Just Chase a Big Paycheck

I don’t know too many people in even good work positions that are not at least curiously searching for openings. When you begin looking at posted job openings, what do you look for first? I bet you do a quick examination looking for a pay range.

Don’t get me wrong. I would not do the work I do for free. I need to make money to put food on my table each day. I love to make money, but it’s honestly not my biggest motivation and reason for getting out of bed each day. I am sure we have all taken and worked at jobs with much lower compensation than we felt was right for the role. While sometimes these decisions are out of our control, but many of us do this because we look for more than just a big paycheck.

No matter how high the salary, if the job is not a good fit, you don’t want that job. The money will never make up for a lousy work environment. I promise that you are going to have many, many difficult days if you are slow to rise from bed each day, hating the commute, disliking your co-workers, and not believing in the mission of your company. If you take a job for the right reasons, and are not focused merely on the money, it will actually make your career enjoyable, and through this, you will be better at it.

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