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Accepted and Informed Training

When was the last time that you sat through a training and found yourself arguing with the trainer in your head or with others sitting around you? Did you talk about the validity of what was being said? I imagine that the answer is yes. This phenomenon is widespread and gets in the way of quality training and real learning. What steps should be taken to support a good training program?

When someone decides to stand in front of a crowd as a subject matter expert, they must be deliberate about what is said, and how it is conveyed. I have been training and teaching others for the past 20 years, and I have learned what it takes to create an effective training class. I have been able to boil it down to four things that your training must include in order to be informed and effective.

Quality Instructor

The first thing your training needs is you. You must be a subject matter expert to present something that someone is willing to buy into. Before you decide to train others, you had better have all your ducks in a row. I have seen many presentations fall apart because of a terrible instructor.

Use a Main Text

Based on whatever it is you are presenting, you are going to want to focus on a single area if possible. I would encourage you to focus on a single text or topic for the training. This allows for a 30,000-foot view and allows you to create a clear presentation of your material.

Excellent Outside Sources

You will want to locate outside sources that support what you are saying and are respected. When I say sources, I am not referring to a website discussion post. I would encourage you to identify leading journals and the normative literature in your field and draw from these resources.

Great Discussion

In-class discussions encourage those listening to learn from one another and to articulate the concepts in their own words. While generally not conducive for large amounts of content, the interactive dynamic of in-class discussions help your listeners truly learn.

While this is just my approach, I believe that it is effective for constructing a training class that is both accepted by your listeners and effective in conveying your message.

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