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Speak to Groups as Individuals

As we continue our discussion of communication tips that we have learned over our years of service in the emergency field, this week we are going to look at focusing on the individual even when addressing groups. These strategies will help you to overcome the communication issues that tends to hold us back. Apply these Erie Prep strategies and watch your communication soar.

As a leader, you will often speak to groups of people. Whether a small group or an organization-wide gathering, you need to develop a level of familiarity in your approach that makes each individual in the room feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. The key to eliminating the distraction of the crowd is to deliver your message to a single person. This is not an easy skill to master. In fact, the biggest problem might be coming across as genuine. Those listening to you will notice any insincerity and discount what you are saying.

Effectually sharing your message is critical, and the ability to communicate with your listeners as individuals is the key to proper messaging. This might not come naturally, but is a skill that can be learned.

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