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Horizon Scanning in the Emergency Management Field

Are you looking out for the changes happening in the emergency management field? Are you trying to

get better at what you do? I am not referring to just reading the Twitter headlines or attending a conference. I am talking about a deep dive into what may be around the corner.

A common practice within the EM field is a threat or hazard analysis. We look for potential problems and what issues we might run into. We need to be constantly scanning the horizon for opportunities and threats. "For instance, driverless technologies can be a potential substitute to some rail transport services, but these technologies can also enable the future railway vision of intelligent trains running closer together." [1]

The concept of horizon scanning is nothing new to the emergency management field; we have just been referring to it as something else. The difference is that horizon scanning is a strategic approach to intelligence gathering. It is most concerned with developing trends, and new approaches to the issues we face.

The next time you are preforming your scheduled threat or hazard analysis take a deeper dive and don’t just settle for the top layer you encounter. There might be more to learn or something far off in the disatance. You might find a better approach to an issue or some solution to the hazards we face.


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