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Your Next Logistics Chief Might be a Robot

A recent article I was reading about the death of supply-chain management got me thinking. The current model of incident command is currently very “human-centric.” The work done requires a person to be in place. While it is not inefficient, it could surely become more efficient when coupled with the technological advances we are experiencing in the world today. When you look at the incident command structure, you will find the logistics chief. This person is responsible for all support requirements needed to facilitate effective and efficient incident management, including ordering resources from off-incident locations. The logistics chief provides facilities, transportation, supplies, equipment maintenance and food services if needed. This role is vital and absolutely necessary; could technology make it even better?

The technological move of things has transformed the work of the logistics chief. “With a digital foundation in place, companies can capture, analyze, integrate, easily access, and interpret high quality, real-time data — data that fuels process automation, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotics, the technologies that will soon take over supply chain management.”[1]

The current model of “boots on the ground” is not outmoded yet, but it is coming. We need to embrace this movement and not fight against it. Through technology, we may be able to serve our communities and organizations more effectively and efficiently.


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