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Do You Have an Information Management Plan?

There is nothing simple about information management. In fact, I would argue that you need an information management plan in order to be any good at it.

Managing the massive amount of information is a complex and challenging undertaking that is the foundation for everything else that goes on during an emergency. You cannot successfully manage the flow of information unless you have planned and prepared to do so. Your information management plan needs shared with anyone who may encounter any piece of information surrounding the emergency. According to experts, you need to know the following information to successfully carryout the work.

  • What specific information you need?

  • Who can provide it?

  • How you can contact them?

  • Who will be responsible for obtaining the information?

  • How it can be confirmed?

  • Who will analyze it?

  • How it will be shared?

There is nothing simple about information management, and knowing this should push you toward developing a thorough management plan.

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