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Does Organizational Culture Really Matter?

When looking to create a successful business or organization there are a handful of things that you definitely need to look at. These include the right staff, enough resources, cash, etc. I would suggest that one of the most important and most often overlooked things that need consulted is culture. Organizational culture is has been shown to have a significant impact on organizational performance. Cultures that support the mission, goals and strategy of an organization serve to ease communication and coordination and provide a means for dealing with change and conflict when they arise. The impact of organizational culture on company performance cannot be overstated.[1]

So why does culture even matter? Organizational Culture can be seen as “The way we do things around here.” Culture forms around a person’s attitude, customs, and what they expect others to do, so this has to be the foundation of any group or organization. The organizational culture of a group at its core is what gives it its identity. Doesn’t it make sense that failing to mind the culture of an organization will have a damaging impact?

It is true that things like the right staff, having enough resources, and enough cash should definitely be near the top of anyone’s list, culture should probably be at the very top. It’s what makes up the substance of an organization, and failing to recognize this will leave you with an unstable platform to work from.


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