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Creating a Great Team, Not a Good One.

No one takes on a project without planning to be successful. Unless you are deliberately sinking something, you want it to work well. For real success in any project, one of the first tasks is to assemble a great team. Nothing big is done without a group that is willing to surround you and help operationalize your vision. However, running a close second, is finding an effective way of keeping them motivated and passionate.

Here is a few much better ideas on how to make an actual change in your team attitude.

It is Rarely About Money

If your team is not getting the pay they deserve, forget about keeping them motivated. This being said, its rarely just about the money, but the value an employee feels he is to the organization.

Everyone Has Something That Motivates

Different things motivate different people. For some people it is money, for others its recognition. The key is to know each of your employee at a deeper level so you can identify the tailored approach to each one of them.

Quality Leadership

If the manager is not qualified to be in his/her position, how are they supposed to get the best out of their employees? If you think that, your teams are not motivated enough, it may be time to look inwardly. You inspire your people, so a subpar leader creates subpar, unmotivated employees.

Successful projects closely correlate with motivated team members. Projects require teams that are invested in what is being done. If you fail to value your people and lead them well, you cannot hope to achieve your goals.

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