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Learn From Your Experience - Crisis Communication Strategy 5

Like the old adage says, “Practice makes perfect.” The more you are able to learn from an experience, the better. As we seek to do a better job of communicating our message during a crisis, we need to fall back on our work from the past, and the survival of an organization depends largely on this.

Did you ever play the telephone game as a child? One party tells a story in the ear of another and then the one who received the message tells it to someone else. I have actually used this game in my university classroom, and predictably, the story changed drastically as it was retold. When the last person shared his/her version, the rest of the class sat with their jaws on the ground, since the story was so unrecognizable. Although a well-written crisis communications plan forms the basis for all good crisis management activity, even the most comprehensive plan becomes a joke if not practiced on a regular basis.[1]

It’s important to practice and learn from experience. Every situation will be different, so take the time to learn from what you did correctly and incorrectly the last time. Through this, you will be able to strengthen your Crisis Communication work in the future.


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