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Social Media Has Totally Changed Emergency Operations

The days of waiting for the news cycle to try to catch up to the fast-paced emergency response field are

over. The recent explosion of social media has deeply transformed the way emergency management officials approach their work.

Today’s emergency manager no longer has to hold a news conference to push out their message. They can now send information out immediately through services such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. This does not mean that the traditional media has outgrown its usefulness. In fact, the media has in some ways, a more important role. While social media does a great job of pushing out short blurbs or clips, traditional media helps explain the situations in more detail. In addition, traditional media helps reach the less plugged-in residents.[1]

Social media allows us to cut out the "middle man." The traditional print or TV reporter is no longer the gatekeeper. Emergency Managers can now connect directly and instantly with those who need to get the information.


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