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Is There a Perfect Active Shooter Plan?

There is on average, one school shooting a week in the United States. In November 2017, six people, including the shooter, died in a school shooting in Rancho Tehama, Calif. Three people, including the shooter, were killed in a shooting at Aztec High School in New Mexico.[1]

Is there such a thing as the “Perfect Active-Shooter plan?” Depending on whom you talk to, I think that you would find many people answering in the affirmative. People choose their corners and refuse to recognize the value of the other perspectives. You have some who would call for individuals to flee and those who call on people to hunker down and wait for help. We need a plan, but there are so many, where do we start?

I am not downplaying the value of having a plan, in fact, I am doing the opposite; we definitely need a plan. The type of planning I am referring to though needs to be pliable enough to stretch around the circumstances. What if I were to tell you that there is no actual perfect plan, just perfect planning. Many active-shooter plans out there are so prescriptive that they do not allow much wiggle room. I have seen instances where the best plan was to barricade the doors and wait for help, but I have also seen times when it would have been better to fight back or run. In these cases, one choice or the other may have caused the injuries and deaths to rise considerably.

There is no single plan that always works, but repeatedly, we have seen the benefits of planning. It is insanity to try to develop a “one-size-fits-all” active-shooter plan, but just as insane not to plan at all.


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