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Who Are We?


Erie Prep is an experienced and certified team of Emergency Managers passionate about making sure that when things fall apart, those we work with do not. 


The Erie team comes with years of experience and a passion to see agencies, organizations, and individuals get better prepared and ready for whatever comes their way. This passion comes through in our efforts and makes us better at the work we perform.     

Why Choose Erie?


Unlike many others in this field, we come with real experience on the ground doing crisis and emergency work. Erie works with individuals, churches, local groups, governments, universities, and private companies, and is familiar with all the potential issues that you, your agency, or organization might encounter. We strive to offer our partners a combination of comprehensive capabilities and the deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex Emergency and Disaster Preparedness problems.

We look forward to connecting and walking with you as you prepare for your worst day. 

Erie has worked with individuals, churches, local groups, governments, universities, and private companies concerning crises and emergency preparedness.

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Thad Hicks serves as Principal Trainer and Consultant for Erie Prep. As an emergency management professional and retired police officer with well over 25 years experience, Thad is considered an expert in emergency and crisis preparedness and planning. Thad has worked in and trained groups all over the globe. 

In addition to his work with Erie Prep, Thad is an Emergency Management & Criminal Justice professor at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon Ohio. He also serves with The Salvation Army as the Emergency Disaster Services Liaison for the State of Ohio.


Thad is a Certified Emergency Manager, (CEM), holds an Ohio Emergency Management Certification (OCEM), an M.A. in Conflict Transformation, and a PhD in Intercultural Studies. 

"Since our start, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of

returning and new clients." 

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